Meet the Teacher: Ms. Glezelis By Emmalyn Lass

October 11, 2019



We did an interview with  Ms. G and we asked her ten questions to get to know a little bit about her. 

Emmalyn: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?


Ms. Glezelis: I teach ELA in Shell Bank Junior High School and I always like a positive environment. 


Emmalyn: In your opinion what is the best way to teach?


Ms. Glezelis: Through positive talk. 


Emmalyn: What would you say your goals are?


Ms. Glezelis: To always have a positive mindset. 


Emmalyn: What are you and your students’ goals for this year?


Ms. Glezelis: To build confidence and awareness so that we can succeed inside and outside of school. 


Emmalyn: How do you feel about having new students?


Ms.Glezelis: I welcome them and I try to have them feel safe. 


Emmalyn: What do you think or the other teachers and or your co~workers?


Ms.Glezelis: They are strong smart teachers that I can always learn from. 


Emmalyn: What would you do if a lesson didn't work well?


Ms.Glezelis: Reassign and correct what went wrong. 


Emmalyn: What made you want to be a teacher?


Ms. Glezelis: I love kids. 


Emmalyn: When did you start teaching?


Ms. Glezelis: I started teaching in 2000.  


Emmalyn: What is your favorite thing about teaching?


Ms Glezelis: When students apply what was taught.


Emmalyn: What is your least favorite thing about teaching?


Ms. Glezelis: The paperwork and filing. 


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